lode┬Ěstone: 'guide stone' or 'leading stone' in Middle English

About Lodestone Capital Solutions LLC

Lodestone Capital Solutions was created to offer high quality, sensible, financial planning and insurance service for clients. We realized that both are strongly related and should be handled together. As a result, we have created LCS.

Wealth management firms will manage money for clients. Their goal is to increase the growth of your assets. Insurance companies will sell insurance to clients. What is missing between the two is what is most important.

From an private wealth management perspective, if our goal is to provide a client with the maximum return on assets, it would make sense to protect the existing assets that we are using to help promote growth. Without those assets, there is no growth! From an insurance perspective, without knowing your assets and estimated growth goals, we cannot provide adequate risk management for any client. This leaves most insurance companies selling insurance, but not being able to provide risk management.

Our Goal

Example 1:

1. - Existing client has financial planning done and insurance all through our company

2. - Insurance rates increase 35% in her company, premium from $1000 to $1350, with the industry increasing at an average of 20%.

3. - We re-evaluate our client's insurance and find a company with equally strong financial background, but at $1150, almost 20% less expensive than her renewal.

4. - We already have all of the clients information, so we only collect signatures and the client is happy. No shopping, no digging up information, and no hassle for our client.

Example 2:

1. - We provide portfolio and risk management for our client.

2. - Client is involved in a car accident and is hurt.

3. - Since we have all client information. All necessary insurance companies are notified and help is provided to our client for medical bills.

4. - Client is declared at fault and lawsuit for $XYZ is filed against our client.

5. - We have provided ample protection for our clients assets/portfolio, have mitigated the risk and reduced the liability exposure. Our clients portfolio and financial health are not adversely impacted.

6. - Client continues to be on track for their retirement goals of taking 2 vacations a year, camping with their grandchildren in their new RV, and monthly trips to Vegas.

Our Team

  • David Lu CEO

    A graduate of UCLA with a degree in Economics. David has continued to increase his knowedge through 8 years of portfolio and risk management experience. He has obtained the designation of Certified Financial Planner (CFP) as well as being recognized by UCLA as a Personal Financial Planner (PFP). In addition to this, David is also an active real estate broker.
  • Chris Day Bond Consultant

    Graduating from UCLA's sister school, UC Berkeley. Chris day has advanced technical knowledge of bonds and is deeply involved in the review and creating of RMBS and CMBS.
  • Eric Pham Insurance Manager

    With great integrity and a passion for risk management, Eric has proven to be very able, quick and has a high attention to detail concerning the management of insurance portfolios.

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